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Alice Green and Amy Godine

6 p.m. Thursday, March 14, 2024

Reading/Conversation -- Albany Public Library, Community Room (2nd Floor), 161 Washington Ave, Albany

Sold out: We've maxed out the registration for this event.

Join us for a conversation about the Black history of the Adirondack Mountains with legendary civil rights activist Alice Green and historian Amy Godine.

Alice Green's Outsider
Alice Green, Photo by Marco Flagg

Alice Green is the author of a new, second memoir, Outsider: Stories of Growing Up Black in the Adirondacks (Sept. 2023), an account of her childhood and young adulthood as one of very few Black residents in the tiny

hamlet of Witherbee, Essex County, where her family grappled with poverty and racial issues in the mid-20th century.

Green is the executive director of the Center for Law and Justice, a civil rights organization she founded in 1985 in Albany. She earned multiple degrees at UAlbany, including a B.A. in Africana Studies, and a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice.

Amy Godine is the author of The Black Woods: Pursuing Racial Justice on the Adirondack Frontier (Nov. 2023), a history of the pioneering Black families who migrated to the Adirondacks in the 1800s, mostly from urban areas, to establish farms and rural communities and—significantly — secured the right to vote in New York.

Filmmaker Ken Burns said, “The Black Woods is a beautifully written, painstakingly researched, and uncommonly nuanced story.”

Amy Godine
Amy Godine's The Black Woods

Cosponsored by the History Department and Alumni Association at UAlbany.

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