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Artist to Artist: Ronny Quevedo, Rodrigo Reyes, and Pavel Zuštiak

A visual artist, a filmmaker, and a choreographer in conversation

We're happy to partner with The University Art Museum and the UAlbany Performing Arts Center for today's Artist to Artist: Addressing This Moment event, featuring Rodrigo Reyes, Pavel Zuštiak, and Ronny Quevedo, three artists whose work has been previously presented at UAlbany, brought together for a conversation about arts, culture, and society.

The three featured artists in today's conversation are:

Rodrigo Reyes

Rodrigo Reyes is an award-winning, Mexican-American filmmaker. He makes films deeply grounded in his identity as an immigrant artist, using striking imagery to portray the contradictory nature of our shared world, while revealing the potential for transformative change. Rodrigo visited UAlbany in February 2018 to discuss his film Lupe Under the Sun as part of the Writers Institute’s Classic Film Series.

To learn more about Rodrigo Reyes's work, visit:

Pavel Zuštiak

Pavel Zuštiak is a New York City based director, choreographer and performer who was born in communist Czechoslovakia and trained in acting, film, music and dance in Amsterdam. Pavel’s work is multidisciplinary, rich in evocative imagery and piercing emotional resonance. Pavel incorporated dozens of Capital Region performers into his work “Bastard” which was performed at UAlbany in February 2017 after a one-week residency.

To learn more about Pavel Zustiak's work, visit:

Ronny Quevedo

Born in Ecuador, Ronny Quevedo’s work explores the layered histories of his heritage, his parents’ lives, and the collective experience of sports in his large-scale installation practice as well as his wall-based drawing and collage works. Ronny has exhibited nationally and internationally including at the University Art Museum Fall 2019 exhibition, ACE: art on sports, promise, and selfhood, and he will be the subject of a solo-exhibition at the museum in 2022.

To learn more about Ronny Quevedo's work, visit:

About Artist to Artist:

The Artist to Artist series is presented by the UAlbany Art Museum, Performing Arts Center, and the NYS Writers Institute.

Support for the Artist to Artist series is provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Additional information on the series and links to the segments can be found at and on the NYS Writers Institute's YouTube channel.


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