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C.M. Waggoner, "a humble author for all your wizard needs"

"If I had to make a distinction, if it's mostly stuff that could happen in your normal life, with some things that couldn't, then maybe that's magical realism.

And if it's mostly stuff that couldn't happen in your real life with some stuff that could, then maybe it's fantasy..."

-- C.M. Waggoner

C.M. Waggoner is a fast-rising novelist in the fantasy genre who has published two novels in the past two years. Her debut novel, Unnatural Magic, came out last year and won critical praise. Waggoner was heralded as an enchanting new voice to fantasy and won acclaim from fans and critics alike. Publishers Weekly called it “delightfully playful and a fresh take on traditional fantasy tropes to explore themes of love and sacrifice with whimsy, mystery and vibrant characters sure to enchant readers.”

Waggoner’s second novel, published on January 12, 2021, is titled The Ruthless Lady’s Guide to Wizardry and it tells the story of a “down-and-out witch and a young gentlewoman who join forces against a deadly conspiracy.”

C.M. Waggoner grew up in the Capital Region, where she says she spent a lot of time reading fantasy novels in a swamp. On her website, Waggoner describes herself as “A humble author for all your wizard needs.”

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