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Call for Submissions: Pride Month Mural Poem Contest

We're collaborating with TAP Inc. of Troy NY to sponsor their Pride Month Mural Poem Contest.

Members of the creative LGBTQIA+ community are encouraged to submit poetry for review.

The selected poet’s work will be printed and mounted with wheat paste on the South wall of TAP, Inc. This is a temporary installation on the brick wall. A poetry reading will be coordinated, and a press release about the poet and the selected work will be created for distribution to the community.


  • No more than 12 lines

  • No more than 10 words per line

  • Themes of pride and LGBTQIA+ are especially encouraged.

Submit your poem with no identifying information on it by midnight Sunday, June 2 to

Include the name of your poem, your email address, a phone number, and a short bio.

In the subject line, please type “pride poem”.

About TAP Inc.

TAP is a private non-profit community design center based in Troy NY that provides design and planning services to low and moderate income property owners, neighborhood groups and other non-profit organizations wishing to improve their homes, buildings and neighborhoods.

TAP was founded in 1969 to provide professional technical assistance to disadvantaged citizens and others in need of affordable building design services. Among its far-seeing and idealistic founders were students and professors of architecture, local attorneys, religious leaders, neighborhood residents and activists concerned with the livability of urban neighborhoods.


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