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David Levine on his career as a writer... and the Albany Patroons

Here's a fun and wide-ranging discussion with Paul Grondahl and longtime writing colleague David Levine, a columnist, journalist, and author whose new book is titled The Hudson Valley: The First 250 Million Years: A Mostly Chronological and Occasionally Personal History.

In the video, David shares memories of his days covering the Albany Patroons basketball team during the George Karl era, the joys and challenges of freelancing, the rise of social media and the concurrent devaluation of news.

In one segment, David and Paul discuss why there's more work writing a 500-word article rather a 2000-word story. David also recounts his perilous journey on the Walkway Across the Hudson in Poughkeepsie.

In a Daily Gazette story published in February, reporter Indiana Nash interviewed David about his Hudson Valley book and wrote: "The book stems from Levine’s years working as a freelance columnist for the Hudson Valley Magazine. For six years, starting in 2010, he wrote a monthly history column, covering a wide range of topics. He also penned personal essays about the region. The essays combined with the history columns make up the basis of the book, which, as the subtitle indicates, begins 250 million years ago." Read the Gazette story.

There's a mention of a public event with David to be held at the Schenectady Public Library "Books Sandwiched In" online event noon Monday, Sept. 21. Details to be posted on the library website. Signed copies of David's Hudson Valley book are available at local independent bookstores.

Read David's writing at

Link to his stories at Hudson Valley Magazine:


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