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How some students spend their summer break: Researching COVID-19

Lots to like in this video conversation with students taking part in the UAlbany RNA Institute’s Undergraduate Summer Fellowship.

Paul Grondahl interviews Andy Berglund, professor of Biological Sciences and director of the Berglund Lab at the RNA Institute, along with three of the 22 students selected for its summer program: Megan Barber (University of New Mexico), Eva Clervoyant (UAlbany) and Tyler Dion (SUNY Geneseo).

They discuss the challenges of running a lab without being on campus, how UAlbany's RNA Institute made a quick pivot to study the RNA sequence of COVID-19 patients, and how the students are using bioinformatics, a growing component of modern research in which large digital biological research data (entire genome sequences) are analyzed computationally.

You'll be inspired when you hear these three bright and engaging students talk about what they're learning this summer and how it has influenced their future plans. Take a look:


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