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Join us Monday for a free yoga / writing event

We invite you to join the Capital District Writing Project for a restorative practice that will include a series of yoga poses, poems, and writing prompts. No yoga experience necessary!

“Writing and Yoga as Restorative Practices: Breathe and Write with the CDWP”

Held via Zoom video conference

Monday, June 8 from 4 to 5 p.m.

Register in advance at

From left, Dr. Kelly Wissman and Amy Salamone
From left, Dr. Kelly Wissman and Amy Salamone

We caught up with the leaders of the Capital District Writing Project, a collaboration between local teachers and the University at Albany’s Department of Literacy Teaching and Learning.

NYS Writers Institute Director Paul Grondahl spoke with Dr. Kelly Wissman, Director of the Capital District Writing Project and an associate professor at UAlbany, and Amy Salamone, an English teacher at Guilderland High School and a teacher consultant and facilitator with the Capital District Writing Project, which is affiliated with the National Writing Project.

Wissman’s research and teaching focuses on how children’s literature, writing and the arts can facilitate the creation of more equitable and humanizing educational spaces for all students.

Salamone is committed to classrooms where student voices are privileged and the work is collaborative. She has been participating since 2009 in the Capital District Writing Project’s summer institute on the campus of UAlbany with other teachers and dozens of student writers.

A main goal of the CDWP is to improve writing and learning in the Capital Region’s schools, from preschool to high school. The leaders of the CDWP also serve as mentors and writing facilitators for teachers across the region.

Before you roll out your yoga mat on Monday, here's a conversation with Amy, Kelly, and Paul Grondahl:

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