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Poetry Friday and book signing Saturday

Gary Maggio, a poet, visual artist, and actor who has led some of our Community Writers Workshop programs, will be in Troy on Saturday, Nov. 12, signing copies of his new book, The Christmas Book, which he describes as "borne from a desire to join some several decades of Yuletide drawings, mostly whimsical pastels or pen and ink art... with his musings about a lifetime of Christmases."

Some of Gary's musings:

“Barbara makes our simple old house a jewel box,

a sparking story,

a place where children gasp and adults regale.”

“My Sicilian grandmother was never fat.

A little fat might have softened her.

But I doubt it.”

“Niece Katie, age five, held my hand as we walked,

hand in hand, our eyes raised, the sky dark,

her cheeks imbued with outdoors yellow and red light,

her eyes glistening.”

Gary Maggio The Christmas Book book signing

Noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, November 12

Market Block Books, 290 River St, Troy, NY 12180

Here's an excerpt from Paul Grondahl's blurb about The Christmas Book:

“Gary Maggio has created the perfect stocking stuffer in The Christmas Book, a slim volume that brims with festive drawings and whimsical musings stretching from his Long Island childhood to Albany adulthood. The pages contain brightly colored, animated artwork of all the things that make the season merry and bright. Maggio, who is also a poet and actor, is a huge talent who enters the narrative through the back door and offers his brilliance in a sly, understated and self-deprecating tone. His vignettes capture the joy and heartache behind a lifetime of tinsel-refracted memories. Maggio is a true original and The Christmas Book will light up anyone’s holiday season.”

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