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Poetry Friday: D. Colin's "From the wreckage"

Poet Danielle Colin, a UAlbany alum and a NYS Writers Institute fellow, will be hosting an open mic titled Poetic Injustice at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall at 8 p.m. this evening (Friday, Feb. 11).

For tickets and more information, visit:

Her poem "From the wreckage" was previously published in the Writers Institute's Trolley online journal.

From the wreckage

D. Colin

I am less afraid of hell after living through several but I do fear never escaping. I’ve been trying to make myself into the moon. Instead I’ve chiseled me into a cage, a collection of scabs I thought I could use for thicker skin so when the world falls apart again, I am ready. I have wrapped myself in a loud kind of silence, a jumbled quarantined mess of language. I thought this pain in my chest was hunger but I think I have forgotten the taste of my voice, how I lick a word and press it against my teeth before it touches the air. I’m still learning to care for myself to free my face of this scream. I am a gaping mouth made of bone and afraid to die before the poems leave my body.

D. Colin is is a poet, performer, visual artist and educator living in Troy, NY. She is the author of two poetry collections, Dreaming in Kreyol and Said the Swing to the Hoop. She is also a Cave Canem, VONA and New York State Writers Institute fellow.

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