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Read the new 'Trolley' journal launched today!

More than 70 writers, poets, and artists are featured in the NYS Writers Institute's online journal

For the fifth edition of Trolley, we asked writers, poets, photographers, and artists to share creative expressions produced during this time of pandemic when there is so much uncertainty and sadness across the globe.* We were overwhelmed with submissions. Contributions came from across New York and the New England states. We also received a submission from a BBC World Service producer based in London.

We encourage you to share the news of the new Trolley with your friends and acquaintances online and in real life. 

One writer predicted any anthology specific to COVID and quarantine "sounds like it will be a suicidally depressing read." That's one way to look at it. Or you can find these poems, essays, stories, and artwork to reaffirm our collective creative soul shining a light in dark times.

Special thanks to Rob Brill, Teresa Buckley, Jennifer Kowalski, Mark Koplik, and Jack Rightmyer for their tireless help reading and editing the submissions.

Thanks for reading.

* PS: You may be wondering why there's no mention in the new Trolley of racial protests that have become the focal point of this summer. The deadline for submissions preceded by three days the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis.


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