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The economic impact of the pandemic on global corporations

Bruce Piasecki

How is corporate America responding to the global COVID-19 outbreak and how are major multi-national corporations dealing with ongoing global issues such as climate change and economic inequality?

We spoke with best-selling business author and management consultant Bruce Piasecki to learn about the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global corporations and how they are responding to the ongoing challenges.

Dr. Bruce Piasecki earned his bachelor’s and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University and has run professional education and degree programs at Cornell, Clarkson University and Rensselaer Polytechnic University. At RPI, he developed one of the nation’s first Master’s of Science degree in Environmental Management and Policy.

Dr. Piasecki is founder and president of the American Hazard Control Group, Inc., a general management consulting firm specializing in growth, energy, environment, and sustainability. As head of AHC Group, based in Ballston Spa, NY, he works with some of the largest and most successful corporations in the world – including Toyota, Walmart, Shell, Ingersoll Rand, First Energy and others -- with a practice that focuses on environmental and business needs.

He has offered lectures, workshops and seminars throughout North America and the world. Dr. Piasecki chaired the working group for reinventing the Environmental Protection Agency and was appointed to the White House Council on Environmental Technology.

In addition to being a sought-after speaker and leading management consultant, Dr. Piasecki is a best-selling author of a dozen books, including Doing More With Less: The New Way to Wealth ; Doing More With Teams ; New World Companies: The Future of Capitalism and World Inc., which has been published in 10 foreign editions and has won several awards on globalization. In addition to his business books,

Dr. Piasecki also wrote a memoir, Missing Persons: A Life of Unexpected Influences, which includes a foreword by author Jay Parini.

It is a great pleasure to have Dr. Bruce Piasecki, who is also a regular attendee and supporter of the Writers Institute, with us on The Conversation.


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