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Update on Pulitzer Prize winner Gilbert King's podcast Bone Valley

Back in February, our fourth event of the season featured a pair of talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Gilbert King discussing "Bone Valley," his new podcast that tells the chilling story of Leo Schofield Jr., a murder, and a miscarriage of justice.

Last week, at a hearing in Tallahassee, Fla., Schofield was denied parole after being imprisoned 34 years for killing his wife, Michelle Schofield, despite the fact that another man has confessed to the murder.

“I ask that you consider the fact that I stood on my innocence in the face of plea agreements that would have allowed me to go home within four years, and rather stayed in prison for over three decades,” Mr. Schofield said in a letter that was read into the record last Wednesday.

The parole board's decision followed an intensive investigation led by Gilbert and laid out in the "Bone Valley" podcast in which he uncovers startling new evidence that Jeremy Scott -- currently serving a life sentence for other crimes -- is responsible for a string of murders, including the stabbing death of Michelle Schofield.

Yet Leo Schofield remains behind bars.

From the New York Times:

"For 34 years, Leo Schofield Jr. has been imprisoned in Florida for the murder of his wife, Michelle Schofield. He has maintained his innocence and has been denied parole three times, even after another man convicted of murder in a separate case admitted to the killing.

Supporters and criminal justice advocates who have rallied around Mr. Schofield hoped Wednesday would be the day he finally walked free after his latest parole hearing.

Instead, a parole board in Tallahassee, Fla., extended his incarceration for a year and voted to transfer him from the Hardee Correctional Institution in Bowling Green, Fla., to another prison, Everglades Correctional Institution west of Miami, with a transitional program for long-term inmates." More

Following the parole board's decision, Gilbert and his team immediately went to work to produce a special episode of Bone Valley, including an interview with Leo Schofield. The new episode launched Monday.


Listen to the new episode at

In a tweet posted shortly after the parole board's decision, Gilbert wrote, "It’s a nuanced decision that needs unpacking." Yesterday, he posted the following:

"I am so proud of the @LavaForGood team, especially our producers on the ground, @kelseykdecker @fromthedregs and @kadzradio for working around the clock for 2 straight days to bring the #BoneValley series to an end. (for now)

This special episode, #NothingButAMeatball, was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for everyone last week. And Leo ends it with the kind of spiritual clarity, dignity, and grace, as only he can.

We will definitely be updating #BoneValley with any developments. And you can expect to hear from Leo along the way, about his transfer to the Everglades Lifer's Program. Thank you all for listening, and for your support. You lifted Leo, his family, and us, too.

To read and sign the petition from the Innocence Project of Florida visit:

Video from our February 1 afternoon event with Gilbert King:


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