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  • NYS Writers Institute

In these days of social isolation, which book are you most looking forward to reading?

Welcome to the Virtual Writers Institute at the University at Albany! We look forward to staying connected with you during these strange days of closures, cancellations and quarantines.

We encourage you to submit your short reflections on life in a world disrupted by COVID-19 to our new online community bulletin board, The Conversation. We will also conduct a parallel conversation on our Facebook page.

We'll start The Conversation by posing the following question,

“If you are put under quarantine, which book are you most looking forward to reading?”

We would also like you to begin thinking in terms of a personal essay or creative work reflecting on coronavirus that you will have ready to submit when we have a call for submissions for the next edition of our online community journal, Trolley, later this Spring.

For your reading pleasure and reflection, we will be sending weekly emails featuring excellent pieces of writing by NYS Writers Institute visiting authors, past and present, as well as compelling clips from past Writers Institute events preserved in our extensive archive.

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