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2023 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

Terri Givens

7 p.m. Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Campus Center Ballroom, University at Albany 
1400 Washington Avenue, Albany NY 12222

Note: While this event is free, registration will be required.
Visit the University's Office of Diversity and Inclusion for more details.

Free parking. See map.
Books will be available for purchase at the event or in advance at the campus bookstore.

Terri Givens, renowned political scientist and thought leader, is the author of Radical Empathy: Finding a Path to Bridging Racial Divides (paperback, 2022), a book that addresses the global problems of hatred and xenophobia through a focused program of teaching empathy.

She offers a revolutionary approach to ending racism— moving beyond an understanding of others’ lives and pain to recognize the origins of our own biases, including internalized oppression.

Terri Givens

The founder of the Center for Higher Education Leadership and Brighter Professional Development, Givens is currently a Professor of Political Science at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. A sought-after speaker, she uses her platform to encourage personal growth through empathy. She is also the author or coauthor of several scholarly works on racism and immigration, including The Roots of Racism: The Politics of White Supremacy in the US and Europe (2022), Immigration in the 21st Century (2020), Legislating Equality (2014), and Immigration Policy and Security (2008).    |   

Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Student Association, and Honors College in collaboration with the NYS Writers Institute.

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