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“Being nonracist will not change our current situation of racism. It may make you feel like you're a good person. But it, once again, reinforces racism. There is no action in being non-racist. You may be conscious of not saying racist statements and you yourself may feel like you are making a difference by sharing a quote from an African poet on social media. The reality is: inaction will do nothing other than maintain the old normal. Action, being anti-racist, will make change.”
 -- Tiffany Jewell, This Book Is Anti-Racist: 20 Lessons on How to Wake Up, Take Action, and Do the Work

How to be anti-racist

Tiffany Jewell

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
Craft Talk - 4:30 p.m.
Conversation/Q&A - 7:30 p.m.
Both events take place in the Multi-Purpose Room
Campus Center West 
University at Albany, 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany 12222
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Free and open to the public.

Tiffany Jewell is the author of the #1 New York Times Young Adult bestseller, This Book Is Anti-Racist: 20 Lessons on How to Wake Up, Take Action, and Do the Work (paperback, 2020), a how-to manual and guided journal featuring more than 50 educational activities. TIME magazine said the book “equips young people with the tools they need to be actively antiracist,” and USA Today said that it “…helps young people learn in a gentle, thoughtful way.”


Jewell is a Black biracial writer and Montessori educator, as well as a founding board member and former president of the national organization, Montessori for Social Justice. This is her first book for children and young adults. She is currently working on multiple book projects for readers of all ages.

Read an interview with Tiffany Jewell published in the Times Union

Tiffany Jewell, This Book is Antiracist

She is the co-founder, alongside Britt Hawthorne, of ABARatHome/ABARAtSchool, an anti-bias antiracist (ABAR) organization that strives to support educators and caregivers in their anti-bias anti-racist journeys. She also served as the president of the founding board of the national organization, Montessori for Social Justice -- seeing it through to completing nonprofit status and creating a strong mission to support and amplify Montessorian of the Global Majority across the country. 

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