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Albany Book Festival: THE most important question is...

We've stacked, loaded and moved carts filled with boxes of programs, tote bags, lanyards, Sharpies, table tents, signs, water bottles, extension cords, name tags,

and books -- oh so many books -- in advance of Saturday's 6th Annual Albany Book Festival at the University at Albany.

So many moving parts go into this two-day (counting the State Author/State Poet event tonight) spectacular. Within the hour, the featured authors start arriving by planes, trains, and automobiles.

How do we get them to the hotel from the train station and airport to hotels? Who's getting them their dinners? What about the dietary restrictions? How do we get them from the hotel to the UAlbany campus? Do we have enough Albany Book Festival tote bags? Who's in charge of the Sharpies for the book signings?

We're also fielding questions from the attendees. The most frequently asked question:

"Where do I park?"

Answer: Park in the Purple. It'll be pretty easy to navigate your way around UAlbany. We will have signs guiding you to the book festival parking areas.

We'll see you at the State Author/State Poet event at 7:30 tonight (Fri) and the Albany Book Festival from 10:30 through 5 p.m. Saturday.


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