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"an ever-expanding community of writers and artists"

Here is a copy of the email Paul Grondahl sent to the 74 poets, writers, artists, and photographers who contributed work to our Trolley journal we launched yesterday.

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Dear friends:

I write to add my voice to my colleague Mike Huber’s note and to offer congratulations to all of the contributors to this summer 2020 edition of Trolley.

Thank you for sharing your creative talents, keen insights and passion to tell your story through words and images.

Your published pieces will resonate with readers while offering new ways of seeing and interpreting this difficult, disruptive and unprecedented time of the coronavirus pandemic.

These poems, essays, reflections, artwork and short fiction will serve as an enduring archival document for future generations to study. Your pieces offer a window into the hearts, minds and souls of the lived experience of people navigating the difficulties of lockdown, quarantine and isolation. They also reveal and revel in the unexpected joys of slowing down, reflecting on what really matters and discovering new ways to connect with loved ones.

What your generous contribution to Trolley also creates is an ever-expanding community of writers and artists whom we now welcome into the Writers Institute family.

I speak also on behalf of our founder and my mentor, Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Kennedy. He planted the seed for Trolley and urged us to launch this free, online literary journal. He and I concur that this is our best edition yet. He also thanks all of you for being part of this literary enterprise and for joining this community of writers and artists.

We look forward to staying connected to all of you and urge you to share Trolley with your family, friends and your wider network. Please consider submitting to future editions, as well.

Let us continue to work together to get through this terrible pandemic and to help build a better, brighter version of the new reality that awaits us once we get on the other side of Covid-19.

Yours in creative expression,

Paul Grondahl

Director of the NYS Writers Institute at the University at Albany


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