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Poetry Friday: "A visit to the vet"

We've been running our Poetry Friday feature since last summer, a small measure of appreciation for words to lead into the weekend. Today's poem is from another Trolley contributor and involves another trip: "Coronavirus: A Trip to Vet."

Most of our selections are from community members and students, and a good amount of these poems were originally published in our Trolley literary journal. Some of you may recall we featured a poem by Phyllis Hillinger, "Trip to the Post Office", last August. Today's poem, also from Trolley, involves another trip: "Coronavirus: A Trip to Vet."

John and Fala
John and Fala

It comes to us from John F. McMullen, Poet Laureate of Yorktown and an active member of the writing community in Westchester County. He has published 11 books, including 9 poetry collections.

John was a Wall Street executive and an officer of three consulting firms (including his own). He has taught at NYU, The New School for Social Research, Marist College, Westchester Community College, and Monroe County Community College.

He's also a member of the American Academy of Poets and Poets & Writers and the host of a weekly Internet Radio Show.

You can learn more about John at , and at

Coronavirus: A Visit To The Vet

by John F. McMullen

I am sitting in my car in the parking lot of Fala’s vet in Conoravirus Time I pulled up in front and called the desk from my cell phone and a nurse came out to pick up Fala and my instructions I am not allowed to enter the office I have to sit in the Volkswagen Jetta and worry while my 13-pound 11-year-old silky terrier with separation issues to begin with is poked, tested and injected I hate this fucking Coronavirus So I wait in the car the doctor comes out and reviews what has been done Then the nurse comes back out and takes my credit card information She soon returns with Fala and my receipt While I waited I wrote this poem

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You can find more poems, essays, and short fiction at the NYS Writers Institute's Trolley journal.


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