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Poetry Friday: "Maybe We Should Be Like Dogs"

Enzo at Olana (Photo by Jack Huber)
Enzo at Olana (Photo by Jack Huber)

For today's Poetry Friday, we're sharing a poem about dogs. Because who doesn't love dogs, especially on a sunny warm mid-March day.

Maybe We Should Be Like Dogs

By Dianne Sefcik

maybe we should be like dogs


at the door

that barricades love




hurl ourselves


squandering pain


every action

every prayer

every hope

until tears

weep themselves

from the fissures

of our shattered heart

and love steps in

for just a moment

from a different door

surprising us

teaching us

it is always there

By Dianne Sefcik © 2017 All Rights Reserved.


More about Dianne Sefcik

Dianne Sefcik
Dianne Sefcik

Dianne Sefcik is a poet and writer living in upstate New York. She often writes about our connection to the land and to each other.

Dianne is a member of the Hudson Valley Writers Guild, the Evergreen Poets Workshop (as is Ellen White Rook, a poet we featured a couple weeks ago), and the Rensselaerville Library Poetry Group.


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