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Rebuilding the Republic: "Is White Nationalism Becoming Mainstream?"

“To a good extent, this is old wine in new bottles, and some of those new bottles are social media platforms and different types of networking.”

—Alexandra Minna Stern

“[N]o western democracy is naturally immune to the far-right.

— Cas Mudde

Alexandra Stern, a recognized authority on the history of eugenics, is the author of Proud Boys and the White Ethnostate: How the Alt-Right Is Warping the American Imagination (2019), an examination of the alt-right’s alarming successes in selling fantasies of white supremacy to the American mainstream. “[T]he definitive guide to alt-right ideas today. Stern brilliantly documents how a younger generation of activists are repackaging the Far Right, [and] waging a battle for cultural dominance.” –sociologist Arlene Stein

Cas Mudde, Dutch expert on the rise of far-right political movements around the globe, is the author of The Far Right Today (2019), a concise overview of far-right politics in the U.S., India, Brazil and across the European continent. Elif Shafak called it, “Powerful, timely, important. A much-needed analysis.” The Washington Post reviewer said, “Cas Mudde is one of the most clear-eyed, trenchant analysts of politics in the West.” Interesting to note, Mudde’s brother is the former far-right political leader and “fascist rock” musician Tim Mudde of the Netherlands.

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Alexandra Stern's Proud Boys and the White Ethnostate:

Cas Mudde's The Far Right Today:

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