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We're in the 1 Million Club!

With thanks to you and all the NYS Writers Institute friends and supporters, we passed a significant milestone this week:

The NYS Writers Institute YouTube channel now has 1,006,268 views

Thousands visited our YouTube page during the past two weeks of the all-online Albany Book Festival to watch conversations with a diverse collection of writers. The festival workshops were also a hit. We hit a registration cap for all five of the presentations.

Everything online is measured, as you know, and all those videos you watched have been adding up: Since 2009, more than 55,000 hours of talks with writers, filmmakers, playwrights, poets, journalists and celebrities have been viewed by an audience across the globe.

Thank you for your support, your love of books, and your belief in the power of conversation.

We'll have more to say about the success of the Albany Book Festival next week.

If you missed any of the talks, they're all online, free, and open to the public at


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